The Rapture (2010)

  • United Kingdom
  • 92
  • Mystery
  • 2010
3.5 out of 10


Told through the eyes of Casper Harrison. The Rapture is a fast paced mystery thriller where good and evil collide in the quest to possess the most holiest of artifacts, The Spear Of Destiny.


Name Role
Jaime Murray Fiona
Danny Dyer Wraith
Phil Davis Sir David
Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar Harriett
Martin Kemp Victor Walker
Gary Kemp Professor Anderson
Colin Salmon Jean-Paul
Steven Berkoff The Controller
Duncan JC Mais Ray Powers
Charles Venn Spider
Lois Winstone Magz
Ian Virgo Julian
Christopher Fosh Lee
Danny Young Gates
Alison Doody Professor Alison Hayes
Lisa McAllister Angel
Kenny Solomons Mason
Lee Hipgrave Dave
Christian Contreras Michael
Errol Clarke Joe
Margarita Hall Princess
Johnny Buffong Wilbur
Todd Watkins Grant fellows
Stuart Furlong Dealer
Simon Phillips Michael
Tracy Kirby Jenny
Charlotte Atkinson Air hostess
Harry Berry Harry
Keeley-Jo Jupp Policewoman
Forbes KB V & A Security Guard
Allen Lawson Cardinal
Angela Spalding Plain Clothed Policewoman
Drew Watkins Splinter
Nick Embassy Nick
Camryn Howard Faith
William C. Ingram Gee
Johnny Lynch Terry Kramer's Mourner
Billy Murray DI Bowden
Colin Osborne Jr. Terry Kramers Mourner
Alida Pantone Isabella
Laia Martinez Rubir Radio presenter
Annyk Sebestyén News Broadcaster
Andy Callaghan Bobby Dean - Terry Kramers Mourner
Kugan Cassius Black Coachman Kugan
Lee Edgar Bookie
Brad Wall Bradley

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