Murder Manual (2020)

  • United States
  • 91
  • Horror
  • 2020
2.3 out of 10


Creepy, terrifying chapters from our book of horror include a little girl's journey from a world of nightmares into the nightmare of reality, a gay couple's romantic getaway in Palm Springs that turns murderous, a young woman whose r


Name Role
Emilia Clarke Malu (segment "Shackled")
Hadley Fraser Jesse (segment "Shackled")
Sylvia Panacione Alice
Maria Olsen Betty
Brittany Samson Rhonda
Milly Sanders Cynthia
Melanie Cruz Janet
Van Hansis Elliot
Sally Hughes Christine
Anthony Goss Survivor
Bryan Manley Davis Jake
Sophie Knapp Sophie
Jeff Torres Jeff
Joe Reegan David
Frida Rossi Girl
Ned Van Zandt Tim
Michelle Vezilj Sherri
Alison Yates Lisa
Isaac Anderson Derek
Matt Newton Quinn

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