The Bezonians (2021)

  • United Kingdom
  • 98
  • Crime
  • 2021
6.9 out of 10
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In the Bezonians social club in North London, A group of down and outs scheme, plot and dream of becoming rich and breaking out of the monotony of their dreary and financially impotent lives.


Name Role
Vinnie Jones Willard Greb
Marina Sirtis Helen Andinos
Nicky B Eris Buster
Jenny Miller Raven Rose
Kem Hassan George
Christopher Sciueref Michael Constantine
Chris Tummings Mike Hagler
Ivana Radjenovic Ruby
Savvas D. Michael Achilles
Lois Brabin-Platt Lola
Peter Polycarpou Costas
Abbie Steele Michelle
Adam Speers Masked Robber 1
Nicole Bartlett Linda
Rashelle Davies Bambi
Sophie Pâris Mia
Tony Montalbano Big Pavlos Pavlides
Jamie Crew Anthony
Andreas Karras Plato Andinos
John Ioannou Andonis Rossoulis
Cassandra French Faye Constantine
Jason Duff Taz
Mike Mousicos John Adamos
David J. Keogh Buster Brother
Steve Ward Bezonian Member / Street Bully
Jacqueline Ramnarine Party Girl
Omar Shaker Theo 'The Thunder' Hermone
Yasemin Gravitas Nina
Bernice Pike Margaret
Terry Burns Tony Quinne
Tracy Kiss Party Girl
Aaron Stafford Stavros 'the Stoner'
Panos Savvides Leftie
Lilly Gibson-Ford Party Girl
Sam Katie Party Girl
Tas Anastasiou Greek Waiter 2
Michael Michael Greek Waiter 1
Fred Shaw Bezonian Member
Paul O'Shea Buster Brother 3
Rashelle Davis Party Girl
Andy Michaels Tony Sakkas
Gary Williams Masked Robber 2
Nick Campbell Buster Brother 2
Barny Zadok Agamedes
Abby Toy Party Girl
Andrew Akridas Barber
Shanice Grant. Barnett Party Girl
Steve Brown Homeless Man
Morgan Davy Trophnius
Ivan Bereczki Store Manager
Sonny Burns Sonny Quinne
Stevie Slaytor Buster Brother 1
Alexandra Butchart Party Girl

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