Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

  • United States, Russia
  • 105
  • Action
  • 2014
6.2 out of 10
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Jack Ryan, as a young covert C.I.A. analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.


Name Role
Chris Pine Jack Ryan
Keira Knightley Cathy Muller
Kevin Costner Thomas Harper
Kenneth Branagh Viktor Cherevin
Lenn Kudrjawizki Constantin
Alec Utgoff Aleksandr Borovsky
Peter Andersson Dimitri Lemkov
Elena Velikanova Katya
Nonso Anozie Embee Deng
Seth Ayott Teddy Hefferman
Colm Feore Rob Behringer
Gemma Chan Amy Chang
Aleksandar Aleksiev Cherevin's Bodyguard
Andrew Byron Cherevin's Bodyguard
Derek Lea Cherevin's Bodyguard
Andy Butcher Cherevin's Guest Driver
Lloyd Bass Harper's Driver / Exfil Operator
Marat Berdyyev Sorokin's Bodyguard
Leonard Redlich Cherevin's Doctor
Nick Court Field Doctor
Nathan Wiley Corpsman
Parker Sawyers Corpsman
Georg Nikoloff Van Driver - T-Bone
Angus Wright Tall Man
Hubert Hanowicz Maitre D'
Alexander Terentyev Waiter
Benny Maslov Cherevin's Secretary / CIA Payoff Guard
Terry Cade Russian Henchman
Lee Morrison Russian Henchman
Jordi Casares Exfil Operator
James Grogan Exfil Operator
Russell Barnett Scruffy Agent
Mike Noble Junior Analyst
Montego Glover CIA Agent
Mike Houston CIA Agent
Jordan King Aide
Juliana Yazbeck Aide
Drew Marquardt Aide
Akie Kotabe Aide
Richard Wheeldon Aide
Santino Fontana Running Banker
Sam Rosen Running Banker
Karen David FBI Lead Agent
Matt Rippy FBI Lead Agent Simmons - Dearborn
Bogdan Kominowski Mr. Borovsky
Maggie Daniels Mrs. Borovsky
Erich Redman Ancient Priest
Amy J. Kim UN Announcer
Kate Arneil Distinguished Woman
Kieron Jecchinis Walter Reed Doctor
Ian Bonar Student
Daisy Ashford Student
Abi Awoyemi Student
Pat Kiernan Anchor
Annika Pergament Mary
Shane Steyn J & C Driver
Cate Myddleton-Evans Russian Maid
Isobel Pravda Moscow Hotel Receptionist
David Paymer Ambassador Dixon Lewis
David Hayman Ambassador Sergey Dostal
Meghann Marty UN US Interpreter
William Meredith Auto-Plant Guard
Michael Starke Auto-Plant Worker
Hannah Taylor Gordon Sarah
Mike Siegel New York DWP Worker
Neil Sheppeck New York DWP Worker
John Schwab New York DWP Worker
Jeff Mash New York DWP Worker
Frank Harts City Worker
Cotter Smith NY Police
Chinasa Ogbuagu NY Police
Steven Lee Merkel FBI Agent
Eisa Davis FBI Explosives Expert
Fabio Abraham FBI Chief
Bhanu Alley Russian Office Worker
Sandy Ani-Adjei Banker
Habib Anibaba SWAT Team Officer
Lee Asquith-Coe SWAT Boat Commander
Eddie Bagayawa Office Worker
Peter Bartfay NYPD Cop
Mikhail Baryshnikov The Minister Sorokin
Gintare Beinoraviciute Office Worker
Donald E G Bentley Marine
Harry Berry City Worker
Paul Blackwell New York Banker
Roger Brenner FDNY / EMT
Jill Buchanan Russian Citizen
Allen Chai Bomb Squad
Siong Loong Choong Banker
Joseph Cinko Porter
Richard Clark Nighttime Park Cyclist
Bern Collaço Diner
Chris Cowlin Banker
Richard Cullen Chauffeur
Graham Curry Jack's Platoon Friend
Leigh Dent Passerby
Simon DeSilva Banker
Jel Djelal Justin Morron FBI Agent
Ross Donnelly Moscow Pedestrian
John Duggan Passerby
Robert Eames Banker
Clara Emanuel Military Medic
Lalaine Fabi Wall Street Businesswoman
James Farley Officer Farley
Dino Fazzani NYPD
Marco Flammer Wall Street Employee
Jake Francis Banker
Neve Gachev Russian Office Worker
Julian Gillard American Soldier
Christopher Hales Patient
Lucas Hansen LSE Student 2
Lee Nicholas Harris Wall Street Employee
Shane Hart Russian Businessman
Michael Hennessy Nightclub Customer
Felix Hiciano Pedestrian
David Howkins Moscow Restaurant Diner
Erand Hoxha Cherevin's Driver
Emmanuel Imani Omar
Lewis James Russian Witness
Celine Jedidi Restaurant Diner
Timothy Paul Jobe NYPD Officer Williams
Vaughn Johseph The President
Camilla Joyce Russian Citizen
Samantha Kelly Nighttime Park Walker
Ian Kemp Maitre D'
Jefferson King Student
Kenneth Kopolovicz NYPD Officer
Dashee La Maquilleuse Russian Waitress
Keith Larkin VIP Bodyguard
Jorge Leon Martinez University Student
Lucinda Lewis Wall Street Broker
Price Lindsey Waiter
Elliott Mahaffey CIA Agent
Sid Man Banker
Patricia Mantuano NYPD
Stuart Matthews Vendor
Martyn Mayger Russian Citizen
Vander McLeod FBI Agent
Mike McVearry Wall Street Employee
Eric Michels FBI Operative
Yana Milanberg Business Worker
Morris Minelli V.I.P.
Alex Moore SWAT Officer
Stuart Mulcaster Driver / Office Worker
Benjayx Murphy Deluded Russian Youth
Bryan Parry Davies
Olivia Quinn Office Worker
Ricky Rajpal VIP Business Man
Laura Revell University Student
Julio Romeo Rich man
Charles J. Rosa NYC Businessman
Manveer Sahota Student
Julisita Salcedo Wall Street Employee
Jefferson Sanders Doorman #1
Steve Saunders Nighttime Park Walker
George Schroeder Construction Worker
Santi Scinelli Tourist in Square
Ian Seale CNN News Anchor
Mark Shrimpton SWAT Team
Lucas Antoine Starrets NYPD
Mark Stedman Russian Doorman
Tom Swacha Russian Choir Singer
Peter Theobalds Russian
lounis Tiar Security Guard
Gerald Tomkinson New York City Banker
Claira Watson Parr Student
Brian Woodward Police Officer

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