When in Rome (2010)

  • USA
  • 91
  • Comedy
  • 2010
5.6 out of 10


Beth is a young, ambitious New Yorker who is completely unlucky in love. However, on a whirlwind trip to Rome, she impulsively steals some coins from a reputed fountain of love, and is then aggressively pursued by a band of suitors.


Name Role
Kristen Bell Beth
Josh Duhamel Nick
Anjelica Huston Celeste
Danny DeVito Al
Will Arnett Antonio
Jon Heder Lance
Dax Shepard Gale
Alexis Dziena Joan
Kate Micucci Stacy
Peggy Lipton Priscilla
Luca Calvani Umberto
Keir O'Donnell Priest (Father Dino)
Bobby Moynihan Puck
Kristen Schaal Ilona
Judith Malina Umberto's Grandma
Lee Pace Brady Sacks
Natalie Joy Johnson Secretary
Brian Golub Male Secretary
Charlie Sanders Poker Player
Eugene Cordero Poker Player
Eric Zuckerman Hansom Cab Driver
Pasquale Esposito Police #1
Valentina Roma Nick's Date
Francesco De Vito Cabbie
Carlo Giuliano Wedding Guest #1
Tommaso Matelli Wedding Guest #2
Bob Dwyer Cop
Ebony Jo-Ann Customer
Erin Miller Patron
Quisha Saunders Kim
Alexa Havins Lacy
Carlo D'Amore Italian Translator
Geoffrey Cantor Dr. Moscowitz
Abe Goldfarb Executive
J.T. Arbogast Executive
Lawrence Taylor Self
Shaquille O'Neal Self
David Lee Self
Brian Kenny Self
Gloria Colonnello Guest #3
John Mainieri Man in Elevator
George Deihl Jr. News Reporter
Brook Whitmore Guggenheim Party Bartender
Bing Putney Guggenheim Party Waiter
Elizabeth Olin Guggenheim Party Girl #1
Jessica Howell Guggenheim Party Girl #2
Ghostface Killah Guggenheim DJ
Autumn Anderson Guggenheim Party Girl #2
Yuri Antonosante Wedding Guest #5
Peter Donald Badalamenti II Mini Ace Frehley
Daniel A. Barrios Bicyclist #1
Grace Capra Wedding Guest
Dani Cervone Wedding Guest 'Blue Dress'
Fabio Ciro Wedding Guest
Nancy Cohen Museum Curator
Coy DeLuca Italian Dancer
Ella Dershowitz Hip Young Person
Nick Diamantis Guggenheim Party Guest
John Farrer Patron - Guggenheim 'Circle of Gold'
Emily Fortunato Wedding Guest
Cassidy Gard Guggenheim Party Girl #3
Shawna Hamic Dancing Wedding Guest
Billy Horton Guggenheim Party Guest
Don Johnson Beth's Dad
Sandro Khafor Wedding Guest
Timothy Knock Wedding Guest
Nora Kubach Party Girl
Cathy Loch Wedding Guest
Nazario Maisonet Park Patron
Tom Margiotta Extra
Devon Marie Italian Wedding Guest
Thomas McGowan Angry Man
Danielle McKee Secretary
Paula Mione Wedding Guest #4
Erin Mairead O'Kane Guggenheim Party Art Dealer
Loukas Papas Best Man
Artie Pasquale Wedding Guest
Efren Ramirez Juan
Frankie Ramos Wedding Guest
Vincent Riviezzo Magic Onlooker
Annamarie Russo Party Girl
Ginamarie Russo Party Girl
Shannon Ryan-Angel Guggenheim Party Girl
Sebastian Saraceno Self
Heather Silvio Wedding Guest
Russ Spiegel Guitarist / Bandmember
Nico Toffoli Wedding guest
Denise Vasi Gala Hostess

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