MacGruber (2021)

  • United States
  • Comedy
  • 2021


TV series based on the 'Saturday Night Live' sketch spoofing the hit 1980s action series 'MacGyver'.


Name Role
Billy Zane Enos Queeth
Kristen Wiig Vicki St. Elmo
Sam Elliott Perry
Laurence Fishburne General Barrett Fasoose
Ryan Phillippe Dixon Piper
Timothy V. Murphy Constantine Bach
Joseph Lee Anderson Harold Kernst
Vartan Baker jaxx
Ella Ayberk Irina Poliskaya
Tedd Taskey President of United States, John Spires
Aaron Rogers Bar Patron
Ivan Lee Holmes Event attendee
Will Forte MacGruber
Keith Jardine White Bill
Marco Fuller Ricky
Case Matthews Secret Service Agent
Jackamoe Buzzell Prison Warden
Sean Dillingham Bar Patron
Eric Steinig Airman Williams
Jason Coviello Bryce Hammer
Luke Towle Bartender
Stephen Conn Cheering Prisoner
Lewis Tromp Henchman

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