Horrible People (2008)

  • USA
  • 6
  • Comedy
  • 2008
8.5 out of 10



Name Role
Joe Lo Truglio Billy
Mather Zickel Carter
A.D. Miles Michael
Joy Franz Mother
Kristen Schaal Margaret
Israel Hernández Arturro
Sylvianne Chebance Joséphine Dupont
Jean Brassard Léon Landouille
Rachael Robbins Amanda
Ginger Kroll Danielle
Edmund Genest Rex
Bobby Tisdale Smacky Guest
Kurt Braunohler Tom
Theresa Ciccone Doubting Linda
Jay James Dr. Leavinsoon
Anthony LaRusso Has to Pee
Libby Bradley Excited Blond Woman
Jessica Eddins Congratulatin' Jane
Jen Emma Hertel The Lady Sailor
Dolores Lopresti Paco's Wife
Mark Pinelli Early Riser
Nick Poltoranin Assassin
Andrea Rosen Has to Shit
Scott Sowers The Interrupting Tycoon
David Wain Paco
Philip Levy Eugene unknown episodes

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