Sporting Chance (1990)

  • United States
  • Drama
  • 1990
8.7 out of 10


Failed series pilot about a former football player who finds himself at odds with the new team owner.


Name Role
Bruce Boxleitner Eddie Dillon
Terri Garber Hoop Tracy
Noble Willingham Packy Dillon
G.D. Spradlin Evan Thorpe
Teri Copley Agnes Ockleman
Galyn Görg Grace McAllister
Thom Mathews Sonny Hilderbrand
Kimberley Kates Betsy Hilderbrand
Jim Fitzpatrick Davis
Bruce Economou Roger
Greg Lewis Apartment Manager
Pepper Martin Longshoreman
Willie Gault Football Player
Jack Gindi Bellman
Terry Kingsley-Smith Desk Clerk
Sam Locante Oscar
John Petlock Waiter
Julia Vera Hispanic Woman
Renee Wedel Florist

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