An Occurrence on Channel 38 (2020)

  • United States
  • 15
  • Short
  • 2020



Name Role
Miguel A. Baez Jr. Rebel #2
Regina Bailey Reporter #4
Art Balligui Rebel #1
Sam Bass Captain Miller
Eli Burbage Lopez
Conlan Casal Medic Crawford
Richard Concepcion Cara Triste
Angel Garcia Rebel #3
Lymari Graciano Reporter #2
June Jones Reporter #1
Jeff Juett Peyton Farquhar
Stephanie Anne Lewis Jessica Farquhar
David Campos Linhares Rebel #4
Jamie A. Marchetti Peter Gaines
Frank Munden Rebel #5
Jeff Parker AIr Force Pilot
Rey Payumo Executioner
Adam Rogers Reporter #3
Eric Rosenfeld Prisoner #2
Scott M. Schewe Reporter #5
Hunter Skeen Prisoner #1
T.C. Smith Prisoner #3
Donta Tanner Captain Russel
Patrick Tyrrell Channel 38 Reporter
Scott Wallace The President

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