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Dreamin' Wild (0)

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Musical duo Donnie and Joe Emerson spend everything they have to produce a record in the 1970s.


Name Role
Casey Affleck Donnie
Zooey Deschanel Nancy
Walton Goggins Joe
Chris Messina Matt Sullivan
Barbara Deering Salina Emerson
Jack Dylan Grazer Young Joe
Noah Jupe Teenage Donnie
Beau Bridges Don Sr.
Katy Cavanagh-Jupe
McKenna Ralston Lindsay
Brandon O'Neill Hal Latham
Maeve Campbell Teenage Rose
Doug Dawson Dion
Lauren Megan McCarthy Brenda Mae
Carson Verity Lorna
Cari Wilton Rose
Matt Rindge Video Crew
Frank A. Hays Bar Patron

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