In the Time It Takes to Get There (2019)

  • United States
  • 11
  • Short
  • 2019
6.8 out of 10


The routines and strifes of a disenchanted social media influencer are reimagined with an 18th century backdrop.


Name Role
Florence Pugh Lucille
Alicia Silverstone Eliza
Knicole Haggins Maid 1
Bj Das Maid 2
Austin P. McKenzie Naked Young Man
Tsola Akuya Maids
Victoria Acker Maids
Candice Fox Maids
Dana Vaughn Maids
Sheerod Tate Servants
Taylor Ackerman Servants
Bobby Dacones Servants
Tom Pardoe Servants
Monty Stewart Coachman
Gabriel Pimentel Little Hand Holder
Ken Davitian Merchant 1
Leslie David Baker Merchant 2
Andy King Merchant 3
Mike Rad Hair Tonic Merchant
Ivy George Little Girl 1
Sara Lee Little Girl 2

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