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Comedy: Shuffle (2007)

  • UK
  • Comedy
  • 2007
5.4 out of 10



Name Role
Fergus Craig
Colin Hoult Various
Anna Crilly Various
Katherine Jakeways Various Characters
Thomas Nelstrop Dr. Gustav Grippenschaaft
Adam Buxton Ken Korda - Presenter
Will Poulter Find Your Folks Host
David Reed Bartholomew Lightforge
Kristen Schaal Penelope
Ed Weeks Various
Rob Rouse Self - Host
Mark Watson Comedian
Jamie Anderson Rodriquez
Tom Basden Self - Comedy Singer
Frankie Boyle Self
Brendon Burns Comedian
Crust Devvo
Jocelyn Jee Esien Comedian
Isabel Fay Ms Marsh
Jack Harries Barry
Robin Hill Amazing Wizard Rob
Miles Jupp Billy Tanker
Daniel Kaluuya Dean
Susy Kane Cinderella
Humphrey Ker Ulysses Stormwind
Tim Key Self
Jason Manford Self
Andrew Maxwell Self
David McNeill Sir Charles
Phil Nichol Comedian
David Sant
Nick Turner Dog
Ben Wheatley Amazing Wizard Ben
Katy Wix Various
Alex Woodhall Various
Stephen Evans Sheepdog (2007) unknown episodes
Samuel Rees Jason Mayor unknown episodes

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