Touch Wood (2010)

  • United States
  • Comedy
  • 2010
8.6 out of 10


TOUCH WOOD is an outrageous mockumentary about an Indian movie producer Mr. Moto, who was once a hotshot movie producer in Bollywood (India). But his ultimate dream was to become a big time movie producer in Hollywood. Figuring that


Name Role
Pramode Kumar Mr. Moto
Gerry Bednob Grandfather
Cyrcee Perreault Sugar
Drew Richards Johnny Cox
Sarah Ripard Mrs. Singh
David Banks Chad
Ankur Bhatt Sunny
Suresh Chandna Driver in the van
Chirag Peter
Arnold Chun Rod the Writer
Christina Desiere Porn Star
Dheeaba Donghrer Security Guard
David Douglas Director
Atom Gorelick Eddie Shanks
Jerry Hauck Buster Harry Hyman
Liza Jordan Crystal
Nina Kate Porn Star
Farah Khan Dona
Kelsa Kinsly Hollywood Mom
Sarah Lappin Belly Dancer
Christopher Lusti Actor
Kelly Mantle Divine
Alen Matters Ron
Jody Millard Police officer
Puja Mohindra Sheela
Nishi Munshi Leena
Roger Narayan Bollywood Star
Joe Perales
Jesse Peterson Fan
Tony Sano Siamese Slim
Brittney Skye Self
Joshua Fredric Smith Porsche
Dulce Maria Solis Delivery Girl
Matt Spangler Sammy Gladstone
J.M. Villa Priest
George Williams Doctor
Ian Patrick Williams Sir Richard Johnson

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