Universal Remote (2007)

  • USA
  • 78
  • Comedy
  • 2007
3.4 out of 10


A magical TV remote control sends Bubba and Leroy tumbling into an un-PC TV land where the channel keeps changing and the shows get more and more bizarre.


Name Role
D.C. Douglas The Narrator / The Navy Suit
Howard Alonzo Leroy
Devin McGinn Bubba
Sheldon Anderson Attorney / Thugged Out
Boogie Arguing man
Nickie Bryar Jesus Christ ("That Darn Jesus")
Parvesh Cheena Sammy / Baliff
María Costa Newsreporter
Affion Crockett The Black Suit / B-Dogg / Arguing Man / Man In Love
G. Ja Nee' Davis Choir Leader #1
Dean Edwards Serious Black Man
Jesse Erwin Dog-Dogg / Fireman / Englishman / Real Gay Man / Billy Blanders / Whitey Anglin / Terrorist
Carlos Ferro Joseph
Jose Garcia Jr. Paddle boat boy
Robert Hays Dr. Anderson
G. Janee Choir Director
Jill Marie Jones Court Reporter
Nika King Woman Arguing / Woman Soldier
Brian Maillard Folk Singer
Gino Montesinos Vito
Charlie Murphy Various
Ben Murray Mr. Blanders
Joan Murray Mrs. Blanders / British Girl / Superhero / Clueless White Woman
Rick Najera Beta Max
Radhaa Nilia Miss Marilyn
Randall Park The Sick Man / Asian Father
Paige Peterson White Singer
Robert Picardo Senator Bane / Fred Dread
Amy Rider Tina / Unsatisfied Wife / Victim Woman / Asian Daughter
Rachel Robinson Mary
Marcus Smith III Boxer / Cop / Stud
Nefetari Spencer Lashuanda Murray / The Slapper
Donal Thoms-Cappello The Gray Suit, Soldier #2
Elizabeth Tobias Nancy Steefass / My Last Nerve
Tony Wilkins Choir Leader #2
Brett Williams DVD
Aloma Wright Judge Vintage
Sherry Wu Courtroom Groupie #1
Joel Steingold Roman Soldier

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