Sherman's Way (2008)

  • USA
  • 97
  • Comedy
  • 2008
5.4 out of 10


An odd couple take to the open road. Having followed his girlfriend out to California's Wine Country for the summer, Yale law student Sherman finds himself dumped, and cut off from his ...


Name Role
James Le Gros Palmer
Enrico Colantoni D.J.
Michael Shulman Sherman Black
Lacey Chabert Marcy
Donna Murphy Evelyn Black
Brooke Nevin Addy
M. Emmet Walsh Hoyt
Thomas Ian Nicholas Tom
Tad Hilgenbrink Taylor
Tom Nance Doug
Ryan Hansen Kevin
Bob Bancroft Professor Ardevaas
Cory DuVal Repoman
Margaret Beach Travel Agent
Olivia Leigh Waittress
Linda Ignazi Coffee Shop Server
Al Roffe Homeless Man
Chuck Lewis Jeweler
David Brawley Patrick
Johnny Rowles Antique Store Clerk
Michael J. Ardevaas Short Fat Airline Patron
Kelley Mckee Streaker
Keyla Wood College Streaker
Melissa Bylsma PA Announcer
Jon C. Carlson Repoman
Jason Castle Streaker
Kristina Coolish Girl on the Plane
Matt Drago Yale Student (streaker)
David Lawson Jr. Streaker
Jessica Kishner Morgan Jessie
Sherri Norige Stylist
Chris Saavedra Carporium Patron

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