Grand Star (2007)

  • Canada, France
  • Sci-Fi
  • 2007
5.4 out of 10


"Grand Star", formerly known as "Ice Corp.", is a futuristic, action-adventure series based on the saga by French novelist Georges J. Arnaud. In the latter part of the 21st century, there is a cataclysmic explosion on the moon, which


Name Role
Tyler Johnston Cal Ragg
Tammy Hui Suki
Kyle Labine Kurt Masters
James Gerard Lieutenant Damien
David Daouda Special Pointman
Joe Sheridan CEO Palidor
Peter Hudson Liam Ragg
Susan Gilmore Tara Masters
Sophie Ann Rooney Margot
John Flanders Governor Cleary
Marie Blanchet Nara
Jean-Pierre Stewart Dr. Hamsun
Jérémie Petrus Jonah
Bruno Tuchszer Gola
Vernon Dobtcheff Tshishenish
Bernard Lemaire Controller
Louise Vincent Ma Ker
Patrick Albenque Zel
Annette Lowcay Woman Liaison Agent
Greg McGregor Controller
Sarah Pratt Yana
Carine Bouquillon Woman Liaison Agent
Corrado Invernizzi Bogdan
Tercelin Kirtley Ahmel
Jan Debski Heinrick
Jemima West Solveg
Julie Barzman Karolyn
David Edouard Smuggler
Geoffrey Greenhill Marcus
Antoine Stip Man of the cold
Giedre Barauska Love Me
Michel Voletti Council member
Agnishka Kasprzak Tender
Catherine Buquen Mai
Emilie Jumeaux Adelie
Patrick Médioni Man of the cold
Fabrice Taitsch Tyler
Audrey Sarrat Lila
Andrea Schieffer Stahl
Forest Flanders Polar
Geoffrey Carey Angelus
Laurent Sao Senior Pointsman
Albert Goldberg Edison
Pascale Gelez Shani
Valentine Pelka Rajak
Charles Sans Cpt. Finnick
Sydney' The Plierman

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