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Mindshock (2006)

  • United Kingdom
  • Documentary
  • 2006
7.4 out of 10



Name Role
Adrian Bower Narrator
Jack Fortune Narrator
Richard Lintern Narrator
Janet McTeer Narrator
Andrew Armour Self
Juliet Bennett Self
Graham Cope Self
Susan Cope Self
Jack Copeland Self
Irshaad Ebrahim Self - London Sleep Centre Medical Director
Scott Falater Self
Peter Fenwick Self - Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Julian Goose Self - Defence Counsel
Pat Hurst Self - Journalist
Cheryl Johnson Self
Michael Kimerer Self - Defence Attorney
Mark Mahowald Self - Neurologist
Juan Martinez Self - Prosecutor
Rollin McCraty Self
Paul Pearsall Self
Gary Schwartz Self
Colin Shapiro Self - University of Toronto Professor of Psychiatry
Dennis Watkins Self
Magdi Yacoub Self
Dean Mitchell Police Officer
Pete Noakes Banker

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