Man in the Chair (2007)

  • United States
  • 107
  • Comedy
  • 2007
7.1 out of 10


Christopher Plummer plays Flash, a curmudgeon with a hankering for classic movies and booze. Cameron is a volatile teen who commits grand theft auto just because the car is an exact replica from Christine. Their relationship is forge


Name Role
Christopher Plummer Flash Madden
Michael Angarano Cameron Kincaid
M. Emmet Walsh Mickey Hopkins
Robert Wagner Taylor Moss
Joshua Boyd Murphy White
Mimi Kennedy Judy Kincaid
Mitch Pileggi Floyd
Tracey Walter Mr. Klein
Taber Schroeder Brett Raven
Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin Nurse
Jody Ashworth Orson Welles
Ed Marques Man in theater
Carlene Moore Woman in theater
Pete Antico Murray
John Rezig Young Flash
Rob Reinis Teacher
Steven Christopher Parker Projectionist
Jesus Mayorga Gardener
George Murdock Richard Butler
Margaret Blye Mildred Bahr
Francesca P. Roberts Juanita
Kevin Benton Studio Security Guard
James O'Connell Big John
Ellen Geer Mrs. Erskine
Allan Rich Speed
Julia Vera Montana
Tierre Turner Jailer #1
Declan Joyce Jailer #2
Jay Donohue LA Film School Emcee
Peter Dennis Bernie
Robert Harvey Butch
Abby Singer Abby Singer
Sonia Enriquez Swimmer
Leilani Caluya Cameron's Classmate
Cricket the Chihuahua Background Dog
Dana the Dog Background
Skippy the Dog Pound Dog
Kuma Animal Shelter Dog
Max Animal Shelter Dog
Sadie Animal Shelter Dog
Randolf Turrow School Teacher
Adam Visco Bully
Brad Grunberg Video Store Manager
Branden Weslee Kong High School Student
David McDivitt Camera Crew
Arne Starr Gregg Toland
Ryan Thomas Brett Raven's Crew
Tom West Car Owner

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