Being Flynn (2012)

  • USA
  • 102
  • Drama
  • 2012
6.4 out of 10


Working in a Boston homeless shelter, Nick Flynn re-encounters his father, a con man and self-proclaimed poet. Sensing trouble in his own life, Nick wrestles with the notion of reaching out yet again to his dad.


Name Role
Robert De Niro Jonathan Flynn
Paul Dano Nick Flynn
Julianne Moore Jody Flynn
Olivia Thirlby Denise
Eddie Rouse Carlos
Steve Cirbus Jeff
Lili Taylor Joy
Victor Rasuk Gabriel
Liam Broggy Young Nick
Chris Chalk Ivan
Wes Studi Captain
Thomas Middleditch Richard
Sarah Quinn Religious Girl
Benjamin Foronda Punky Guy
Dale Dickey Marie
Josh Alscher Crack Smoker
Dawn McGee Waitress
Billy Wirth Travis
Michael Gibson Sergeant Bob
Kelly McCreary Inez
Deidre O'Connell Frowzy Woman
Katherine Waterston Sarah
Robert Andrews Homeless Man 1
Michael Genadry Young Counselor
Kelli Crump Desk Clerk
Dara Tomanovich Beautiful Woman
Jane Lee Laura
Evan Wadle Young Guy
Victor Pagan Beady-Eyed Bill
Rony Clanton Skid
Michael Buscemi Dennis
Lorenzo Murphy Morphine Addict
William Sadler Ray
Joseph Prioleau George
Lee Stringer Homeless Man in Line
John O'Brien Airline Pilot
Joey Boots NA Guy
Luis Moco Punk Rocker
Marilyn Torres Little Girl's Mother
Stephen Williams Counselor
Roy Milton Davis Homeless Man 2
Rufino Colon Shelter Guest 1
Jeffrey Ware Jerry
Samira Wiley Asha
Stuart Rudin Moses
Gabriel Millman Housing Counselor
Thomas Hoffman Barlow
Joyce Myricks Nurse / Counselor
Dwight Folsom Isaac Clegg
Carlton Bembry Counselor 2
George Asatrian Beating Teen 1
Anthony Piccolo Beating Teen 2
Kevin Keels Banker at Party
Paul Senza Shelter Counselor
Ian Bonner 12-Step Member
Kevin Cannon Crackhead Mugger
Dj Nino Carta Homeless Man #2 in Line
Louise Devery Buttercup Bartender
Elli Homeless Guy
Nick Flynn Man interviewing for placement
Peggy Friend Lady in cab
Olive Hui Nick's One Night Stand
Marty Krzywonos Shelter Guest
Wayne R. Miller locker room guy
John Mitchell Shelter Guest 104
Jeffrey Mowery Homeless man
Martin Pfefferkorn Wounded Shuffler
Bill Walters Homeless Man in Shelter

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