As You Like It (2006)

  • United Kingdom, United States
  • 127
  • Drama
  • 2006
6.2 out of 10


A daughter of the powerful Duke must show her courage and inventiveness to be with the man she loves.


Name Role
Takuya Shimada Geisha
Brian Blessed Duke Senior / Duke Frederick
Richard Clifford Le Beau
Bryce Dallas Howard Rosalind
Patrick Doyle Amiens
Romola Garai Celia
Adrian Lester Oliver De Boys
Alfred Molina Touchstone
Kevin Kline Jaques
Janet McTeer Audrey
Gerard Horan Denis
David Oyelowo Orlando De Boys
Richard Briers Adam
Nobuyuki Takano Charles
Paul Chan William
Alex Wyndham Silvius
Jimmy Yuill Corin
Jade Jefferies Phoebe
Jotham Annan Jaques de Boys
Jonathan Broadbent Duke Senior Man
Justin Hoong-Fai Chan Duke Senior Man
Iain Stuart Robertson Duke Senior Man
Youki Yamamoto Duke Senior Man
Kenneth Branagh Self
Josh Colvin Bystander #1
Kinue Kato Court Lady
Sacha Bennett Frederick's Aide
Chuen Tsou Thug
Kaya Yuzuki Court Lady

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