The 57th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2000 (2000)

  • United States
  • News
  • 2000
5.3 out of 10


Golden Globe Award - American award awarded by the Hollywood association of the foreign press from 1944 for works in movies and television's pictures.


Name Role
Ben Affleck Self - Presenter
Pedro Almodóvar Self - Winner
Alec Baldwin Self - Presenter
Alan Ball Self - Winner
Antonio Banderas Self - Presenter
Angela Bassett Self - Presenter
Warren Beatty Self - Audience Member
Annette Bening Self - Winner
Halle Berry Self - Winner
Jacqueline Bisset Self - Nominee
Lara Flynn Boyle Self - Presenter
Lorraine Bracco Self - Nominee & Presenter
Amy Brenneman Self - Nominee
Matthew Broderick Self - Audience Member
James Brolin Self - Audience Member
Billy Campbell Self - Nominee
Jim Carrey Self - Winner
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter Self - Presenter
Kim Cattrall Self - Nominee
David Chase Self - Winner
Phil Collins Self - Winner
Rachael Leigh Cook Self
Tom Cruise Self - Winner
Penélope Cruz Self
Billy Crystal Self - Audience Member
Matt Damon Self - Nominee
Kristin Davis Self - Audience Member
Drea de Matteo Self - Audience Member
Robert De Niro Self - Nominee
Danny DeVito Self - Audience Member
Cameron Diaz Self - Nominee
Michael Douglas Self - Presenter
Minnie Driver Self - Presenter
Faye Dunaway Self - Audience Member
Michael Clarke Duncan Self - Nominee
Kirsten Dunst Self - Audience Member
Ron Eldard Self - Audience Member
Jenna Elfman Self
David James Elliott Self - Presenter
Rupert Everett Self - Nominee
Edie Falco Self - Presenter & Winner
Richard Farnsworth Self - Nominee
Mia Farrow Self - Nominee
Calista Flockhart Self - Nominee
Peter Fonda Self - Winner
Harrison Ford Self - Presenter
Milos Forman Self - Audience Member
Michael J. Fox Self - Winner
Vivica A. Fox Self - Presenter
Morgan Freeman Self - Presenter
James Gandolfini Self - Winner & Presenter
Thomas Gibson Self - Nominee
Hugh Grant Self - Nominee & Presenter
Mariska Hargitay Self - Presenter
James Haven Self - Audience Member
Sean Hayes Self - Nominee
Jennifer Love Hewitt Self - Presenter
Helmut Huber Self
Liza Huber Self - Miss Golden Globe
Felicity Huffman Self - Nominee
Robert Iler Self - Audience Member
Michael Imperioli Self - Audience Member
Angelina Jolie Self - Winner
Diane Lane Self - Presenter
Jack Lemmon Self - Winner
Lucy Liu Self - Presenter
LL Cool J Self - Presenter
Heather Locklear Self - Nominee
Courtney Love Self - Presenter
Rob Lowe Self - Nominee
Susan Lucci Self
Shirley MacLaine Self - Presenter
Tobey Maguire Self - Presenter
Julianna Margulies Self - Nominee
Eric McCormack Self - Nominee
Dylan McDermott Self - Nominee & Presenter
Janet McTeer Self - Winner
Sam Mendes Self - Winner
Debra Messing Self - Nominee
Liam Neeson Self - Presenter
Cynthia Nixon Self - Nominee
Chris Noth Self - Nominee
Haley Joel Osment Self - Nominee
Gwyneth Paltrow Self - Presenter
Sarah Jessica Parker Self - Winner
Kimberly Peirce Self - Audience Member
Rhea Perlman Self - Audience Member
Ryan Phillippe Self
Natalie Portman Self - Nominee
Dennis Quaid Self - Presenter
Maeve Quinlan Self
Julia Roberts Self - Nominee & Presenter
Ray Romano Self - Nominee & Presenter
Keri Russell Self - Presenter
Winona Ryder Self - Presenter
Claudia Schiffer Self
Liev Schreiber Self - Nominee
Paul Schulze Self - Audience Member
George Segal Self - Nominee & Presenter
Chloë Sevigny Self - Nominee
Martin Sheen Self - Nominee & Presenter
Jamie-Lynn Sigler Self - Audience Member
Tony Sirico Self - Audience Member
Tom Sizemore Self - Nominee
Leelee Sobieski Self - Nominee
Kevin Spacey Self - Nominee
David Spade Self - Nominee
Steven Spielberg Self - Presenter
Sharon Stone Self - Nominee
Meryl Streep Self - Winner
Barbra Streisand Self - Cecil B. DeMille Award Recipient
Susan Sullivan Self - Audience Member
Hilary Swank Self - Winner
Charlize Theron Self - Presenter
Courtney Thorne-Smith Self
Aida Turturro Self - Audience Member
Steven Van Zandt Self - Audience Member
Sela Ward Self - Nominee
Denzel Washington Self - Winner
Sigourney Weaver Self - Nominee
Reese Witherspoon Self
Renée Zellweger Self - Presenter
Richard Kind Self - Audience Member