Seeing: Homecoming (2002)

  • United States
  • Drama
  • 2002


Seeing follows the character of Bailie Crenshaw, a part time sociology professor. She spends her down time on the road coming to terms with her clairvoyant abilities, sometimes flashing back on how they wreaked havoc on her childhood


Name Role
Gwen Ferguson Bailie Crenshaw
Carol Turner Michaela Crenshaw
Tom Dubyna Conner Crenshaw
Michael K. Brown Rory
Jamie O'Brien Rhiordan
Christopher K. Young Simon Long
Pamela Sago Noelle Dearing
Kevin Fagan Frank Deurrier
Kim Hendrickson Warren
Yahaira Santiago Carrie Acosta
Michael Perzel Wickens
Roger Miller Edward Colfax
Tawny Miller Joann Smalley
Jerry Spears Mitch
Michael Spears Cooley
Michele Turner Sandra McClaine
Andy Schofield Shepard
Valerie Dumitrescu Mrs. Shepard
Eric Namaky Anthony Long
Kelly A. Shepard Rainna
Ally Louth Young Renata
Angela Clevenger Young Noelle
Lana Zannoni Ghost mother
Truman Louth Young Drew
Ken Uram Percy
Tony Clay Dixson
Renee Schilling Alex Spencer
James Dickens Mulligan
Peter Dwight Brendon
Paul Marshall Good Samaritan
Terry Giancaterino White Supremist Leader
Rae Sunshine Lee Officer
Steve Olson Nathan Murdock
Charles Sans Mayor Greene

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