A New Wave (2006)

  • USA
  • 93
  • Action
  • 2006
4.4 out of 10


A frustrated artist is convinced by his eccentric roommate to rob a bank. Having planned the crime by watching bank-robber films, the amateur heist is doomed from the beginning.


Name Role
Andrew Keegan Desmond
Lacey Chabert Julie
John Krasinski Gideon
Dean Edwards Rupert
William Sadler Roger Dewitt
Caprice Benedetti Cynthia DeWitt
Wass Stevens Francois
Darlene Violette Bank Manager
Nicole Nadeau Ashleigh Karlin
Thomas Edward Seymour Marv
Faina Reinhardt Angel Adams
Errickson Wilcox Arthur Chabrol
Russ Russo Julio Cortez
Guy Guglielmi Bank Security Guard
Carmine Capobianco Steve the Bartender
Joe Olivo Matthew Manning
Bruce Seymour Eugene
Mike Modine Officer Flaherty
Frank Schiavone Frank the Corrections Officer
Djamel Bennecib François' Goon #1
Sheri Lynn Honey
Kathleen O'Neil Bar Patron
Orlando Ramos Art gallery patron
Kent Sladyk Art Gallery Patron
Steven Michael Yount Man seated in back of bus

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