The Purifiers (2004)

  • United Kingdom
  • 85
  • Action
  • 2004
3.3 out of 10
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The story of martial arts clubs who have created their own city infrastructure after tiring of government initiatives. Responding to the greed and corruption creeping into the other clubs, headed by capitalist-wannabe Moses, The Puri


Name Role
Kevin McKidd Moses
Gordon Alexander John
Rachel Grant Li
Dominic Monaghan Sol
Amber Sainsbury Frances
Robyn Kerr Sam
Jamie Hayden Raz
Fraser James Angel Leader
Rico Pillai Angel
Luke Sharaz Angel
Patrick Ng Angel
Atesh Salih Angel
John Edwards Angel
Shiraz Hussain Angel
Chris Johnstone Angel
Fiona MacMillan Black Suit
Sarah Riddel Black Suit
Karen Parr Black Suit
Pamela Clarke Deputy
Lewis Macleod Deputy
Benedict Relton Deputy
Chris Atkins Drug Dealer
Olivier Allgrove Drug Dealer
Brendan Carr Moz
Nuton Stephenson Eel
Jay Stephenson Eel
Ross Bowers Eel
Chloé Bruce Eel
Greg Randall Eel
Matt King Eel
Scott Gray Eel
Adrián Gras-Velázquez Eel
Thomas Barrett Eel
Stuart Sinclair Blyth Stalker
Austin Goh Mr. Han
Billy Martin Mr. Han's Man
Helena Petit Pumas Leader
Catherine McQueen Pumas
Nairi Bagirian Pumas
Meble Tin Pumas
Lea Jerova Pumas
Beth Caterer Pumas
Angharad Jones Referee
Cecily Fay The Waitress
Silvio Simac Wolves Gang Leader
Scott Hinds Wolves Gang Member
Chris Jones Wolves Gang Member
Oliver Hollis Wolf Deputy
Shane Steyn Wolves Gang Member
Gary Payler Wolves Gang Member
John Ritchie Wolves Gang Member
Andrew Lucas Wolves Gang Member
Keith McBey Wolves Gang Member
Steven Mill Wolves Gang Member
Lynne Greenshields Woman in House
Ashley Beck Eel
Mike Krause Gang Member
Steve Krause Gang Member

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