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Sunday in Paris (1991)

  • United States
  • 30
  • Comedy
  • 1991
8.4 out of 10


A pilot for an unsold NBC series. A single woman with three children realizes that her family has lost sight of their values and gives up her career as a daytime-drama actress in New York to move back with her extended family on thei


Name Role
Brandon Quintin Adams Brandon Chase
Debbie Allen Sunday Chase
Hasan Almontashri Hasan al montashri
Essence Atkins Allison Chase
Oscar Brown Jr. O.S. Dickson
Julia Calderon Pepe's Wife
Cab Calloway Self
Diahann Carroll Vernetta Chase
Jenifer Lewis Taylor Chase
Jurnee Smollett Alison Chase
Vic Trevino Pepe
John Witherspoon Fredic Dickson

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