Lustre (2005)

  • United States
  • 81
  • Drama
  • 2005
6.5 out of 10


"Lustre" chronicles a change in heart, a spiritual awakening through the rise of an unlikely holy man. Filmed on the streets of New York in the year after the Twin Towers fell, "Lustre" tells a story of renewal in uncertain times.


Name Role
Victor Argo Hugo
Jordan Lage Archie
Gordon Joseph Weiss The Priest
John Hoyt Chickie
Kristine Covillo Hugo's Daughter - Adult
Kristina Sanchez Alberta
Lisa C. White Alberta's Mother
Travis Brandon Rosa Devil Boy
Gloria Irizarry Devil Boy's Mom
Gary Flynn William
Walter Mudu Walter - the Bartender
Steve Moramarco Shoe Shine Guy
Paul J.Q. Lee Paulie - Club Owner
Ken Lundie Piano Accompanist
D.C. DeForest Jr. Homeless Man
Sylvia Brito Virgin Mary Witness
Daniel Cleary Luncheonette Worker
Andrew Uhlenhopp Jerry the Thug
William Schineller Slapping Victim
Walter Novak Thug on Stoop
Mark Coelho Georgie Petry
Kyle McKenna Man Bearing Cross
Willie Perdomo Hugo's Prayer
Jennifer Sumner Hugo's Prayer / Club Patron
Hetty A. Fox Hugo's Prayer
Beverly Milburg Hugo's Daughter - Child
Joanne Deluca Woman at Confession
James Lorenzo Brother in Frock #1
Nicola Benizzi Brother in Frock #2
Stephen L. Housepian Driver of Plymouth Fury
Joe Foley Victim of Plymouth Fury
John Fiorelli Eye Doctor
Erika Alabarca Virgin Mary Bystander
Rob Flowers Virgin Mary Bystander
Jack Baxter Photographer / Shoe Shine Apostle
John Bonafede Shoe Shine Apostle
Avikal A. Gebhard Shoe Shine Apostle
Stephen Isola Shoe Shine Apostle
Enzo Lim Shoe Shine Apostle
Mary McGuinness Shoe Shine Apostle
Anwar Payne Shoe Shine Apostle
Heidi Shin Shoe Shine Apostle
James Vidos Shoe Shine Apostle
Carmela Deluca Club Patron
Alex Kotler Club Patron
Sanja Milic Club Patron
Arturo Perez Club Patron
Thomas Radvany Club Patron
Titus Rich IV Club Patron
Julian Rozzell Jr. Club Patron
Quisha Saunders Club Patron

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