Latin Dragon (2004)

  • United States
  • 101
  • Action
  • 2004
4.2 out of 10


A decorated war hero and covert agent, Danny Silva returns home to East L.A. and finds his neighborhood has been taken over by violent street gangs headed by the brutally corrupt Bishop Thorn.


Name Role
Fabian Carrillo Daniel Silva
Gary Busey Thorn
Lorenzo Lamas Frank
Robert LaSardo Paco
Joyce Giraud Claudia Sanchez
Luis Antonio Ramos Officer Rafael Silva
Pepe Serna Hector Sanchez
James Hong Mr. Rhee
Carlos Nicasio Homeboy Gangbanger #1
Cristos Homeboy Gangbanger #2
Tony Perez Father Hernandez
Davenia McFadden Officer Washington
Deron McBee Mad Dog
Monique Barajas City Council Speaker
Luis Chávez Driver
Karissa Corday Fairview Gardens Girl
Iliana Fischer Dancer
Jerry Gelb Earl Billings
Alejandra Gutierrez Gang girl
Mickey Mickey Lena
Luis Moncada Gangster
Egypt Reale Gang Chick #3
Anthony Rodriguez Gangster
Louis C. Simon Young Man
Heidi Thomas Bathing Beauty
Julia Vera Woman in Community Center

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