Contest Searchlight (2002)

  • USA
  • 30
  • Comedy
  • 2002
7.7 out of 10



Name Role
Lenny Clarke Self
Amber Gross Self
Denis Leary Self
Michael Lombardi Self
Chris Phillips Self
Jim Serpico Self
Mary Birdsong Self
Jimmy Burke Self
Todd Carroll 2nd Assistant director
Robbie Chafitz Self (1st Assistant Director)
Adam Ferrara Self
Danielle Schneider Self
Tom Sellitti Self
Lou Wallach Self
Bruce Bennett Set Medic
Patrice O'Neal Self
Colin Quinn Self
Adam Roth Self
John Scurti Self (Director)
Todd Barry Self
Eddie Brill Self
Carmine Cangialosi Self
Rudy Cecera Self
Eliot Chang Self
Mary Clay Boland Casting Director
Dwight Ewell Self
Peter Gallagher Self
Jason Mantzoukas Boom Operator
Cory McAbee Self
A.D. Miles Self
Doug Moe Self (2002)
Seth Morris Hotel Worker
Kristen Schaal Self
Jessica St. Clair Self - Comedy Central Page)
Steven Michael Borowka Nephew (2002) unknown episodes
Matt Dillon Self
Jon Stewart Self

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