Extreme Challenge (2001)

  • Hong Kong
  • 89
  • Action
  • 2001
4.9 out of 10
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A TV channel would be the first in the world to send a martial arts contest through the Internet. The competition is the people with completely different backgrounds that will make up for the title.


Name Role
Ken Chang Kuang Kin
Patricia Ja Lee Tang Ning
Jacquline Li Karen Li
Jun Ngai Yeung Fang Jin
Paul Rapovski Ian Maxfield
Somchai Siabkuntod Somchai
Wei Tung Takashi Shinen
Scott Adkins Isaac Borman
Nikki Powell Nikki Berwick
Reuben Langdon Karate Fighter
Gordon Alexander Finalist
Sai-Tang Chan
Johnnie Guy Martin

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