Role of a Lifetime (2002)

  • United States
  • 98
  • Drama
  • 2002
5.1 out of 10


A has-been actor drops from public view and is presumed dead and when Hollywood decides to make a movie about his life, he decides to make a comeback by assuming another identity.


Name Role
Scott Bakula Bobby Cellini / Buck Steele
Edie Dearing Velvet
Beverly Taylor Luna
Marissa Jaret Winokur Flower Girl
Elizabeth Lambert Dana
Kathryn Morris Chelsea Cellini
Michael Pointer Booking Officer
Matt McKenzie Cop
Harry Groener Brad Collings
Frank Novak Desk Sergeant
Julia Vera Hopi Woman
Leslie S. Sachs Leah
Antony Alda Joey
Jan Hoag Chick's Receptionist
David Kaufman Chick Desmond
Bill Brochtrup Bruce's Receptionist
Bruce H. Newberg Bruce Dell
David Combs Studio Guard
Obi Ndefo Ritchie
Loren Freeman Clay
Todd Babcock Eric (The 2nd, 2nd, 2nd Assistant Director)
Maria Ford Margarette-Anne
Sean Moran Lew
Sam Vlahos Jesus
Tegan West Bill Gannon
Jason Stuart Phillip
Harry S. Murphy Spencer Baron
Joel Brooks Irv Katz
John Ganun Lance
Bryan Fabian Jesus' Grandson
Greg Miller Actor at Memorial
Sal Lopez Raul
Phillip Keane Bartender
Curtis Smith Wino in Jail
Gregory W. Friedle Transvestite in Jail
Angelina Kibler Painfully Slow Grandma
Stacey Hawkins Actress in M.O.W.
Natalia Sokolova Kristen in M.O.W.
Ed Sanders Studio Executive
Lisa Sanders Guest at Gannon's Party
Jennifer Andersen Woman at Gannon's Party
Betty Lou Sedor Woman at Gannon's Party
Ian Alda Guest at Gannon's Party
Zan Alda Child in Jesus' Garden
Stacey Stein Valet Client
Randy Wolfberg Valet Client
Michael Beardsley Crew Member on M.O.W.

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