Road to Redemption (2001)

  • United States
  • 89
  • Action
  • 2001
5.6 out of 10


A couple come into contact with stolen mob money, gamble it away, and end up on the run from gangsters.


Name Role
Pat Hingle Grandpa Nathan Tucker
Julie Condra Amanda Tucker
Leo Rossi Sully Santoro
Jay Underwood Alan Fischer
Tony Longo Vincent the Enforcer
Wes Studi Frank Lightfoot
Barry Sigismondi Sheriff
Dennis Agajanian Biker Leader
Jack Axelrod Arnold
Gary Bayer ER Doctor
Noah Poletiek Paperboy
Leslie David Baker Tow Truck Driver
Drinda Lalumia Race Track Teller
Eddie Matthews Fireman
Peter Moore Arson Investigator
Bill Lee Brown Cop
Susan Fukuda VA Nurse
Paul Kiernan Gas Station Attendandt
Joan Johnson Tourist Woman
Joyce Cohen Marilyn
Christian Stevens Gas Station Mechanic
Shauna Parsons TV Reporter
Mathea Lynne Doyle Cashier
Laurel Melograno ER Nurse
Brent Smith Prison Captain
Johnny Meyer Cop

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