Inside Out IV (1992)

  • United States
  • 95
  • Comedy
  • 1992
5.3 out of 10


Playboy does to softcore sex films what HBO's Tales from the Crypt did for horror. Contains the stories: "Natalie Would"; "Modivation"; "Put Asunder"; "Save The Wetlands"; "The Thief"; "Jilted Lover"; "Three On A Match"; "What Anna W


Name Role
Anthony Addabbo Kenner (segment "Put Asunder")
Phil Brock Mitch (segment "Three On A Match")
Denise Buick Claudia (segment "What Anna Wants...")
Susan Byun Lee Anne (segment "Three on a Match")
Chana Jael Chiesa Justine (segment "Motivation")
Sanford Clark Johnny (segment "My Cyberian Rhapsody")
Mimi Craven Dolores (segment "Put Asunder")
Catherine Dao Spike (segment "My Cyberian Rhapsody")
Jamie Donovan Thief (segment "The Thief")
Mitchel Evans Dave (segment "Video Mate")
Carolyn Finney Faye (segment "The Thief")
Joe Frank Marie's Ex (segment "Jilted Lover")
Elizabeth A. Jaeger Marie (segment "Jilted Lover")
Sharon Kane Sexa (segment "Video Mate")
Bernard Kates Mr. Broman (segment "Put Asunder")
Teri Kempner Anna (segment "What Anne Wants...")
Charley Lang Jerry (segment "Save The Wetlands")
Gene Momberger Marie's Lover (segment "Jilted Lover")
Jack Palmer Ted (segment "Natalie Would")
Heidi Philips Robin (segment "Three On A Match")
Ted Raimi Richard (segment "Motivation")
Paula Revee Lola (segment "My Cyberian Rhapsody")
Bernard Rose Stanley (segment "Motivation")
Matthew Michael Ross Beaver\s(segment "Video Mate")
Charles Sans Police Officer (segment "the thief")
Catya Sassoon Pauline (segment "Natalie Would")
Mark Ian Simon William (segment "What Anna Wants...")
Teresa Tracy Carla (segment "Natalie Would")
Sandra Wild Blonde Woman (segment "The Thief")
Virgil Wilson Michael (segment "The Thief")
Annie Wood Ms. Morley (segment "Save the Wetlands")

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