Don't Leave Me This Way (1993)

  • United Kingdom
  • Mystery
  • 1993
6 out of 10


British academics Loretta and Bridget run into Sandra, an old school friend at a book launch. Although Sandra appears to be gay and carefree, Loretta notices an undercurrent of tension while Sandra stays with her for a few days. Lore


Name Role
Janet McTeer Loretta Lawson
Imelda Staunton Bridget Bennet
John Fortune George Saunders
Ian McNeice Oscar Ghilardi
Bill Nighy John Tracey
Pamela Salem Sandra Neil
Harry Ditson Tom Neil
Jerome Flynn Tony Fleming
Philip Anthony Mr. Koogan
Richard Dempsey Felix Neil
Jamie Glover Paul Elvin
Rebecca Hall Lizzie Neil
Denis Lill Steve Fleming
Peter Lovstrom Arthur Goodchild
David Bannerman Michael
Linda Henry Janet Weir
Rynagh O'Grady Viv Hicks
William Osborne Eric
Anthony Pedley Chief Supt. Allan
Neville Phillips Doctor
Denise Thomas Diana

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