Mr. Wrong (1996)

  • United States
  • 96
  • Comedy
  • 1996
3.8 out of 10


A lonely single woman finds the seemingly-perfect man to date, but soon regrets it when his deranged, possessive other personality emerges and she cannot convince anyone else of his Jekyll-and-Hyde true nature.


Name Role
Ellen DeGeneres Martha Alston
Bill Pullman Whitman Crawford
Joan Cusack Inga Gunther
Dean Stockwell Jack Tramonte
Joan Plowright Mrs. Crawford
John Livingston Walter
Robert Goulet Dick Braxton
Ellen Cleghorne Jane
Hope Davis Annie
Brad William Henke Bob
Christine Cattell Nancy Culpepper
Peter White Mr. Alston
Polly Holliday Mrs. Alston
Briant Wells Stuart
Camille Saviola Consuela
Maddie Corman Missy
Jonathan Hernandez Self
Victoria Elena Flores Nicole
Louie Anderson Self
Casey Kasem Self
Jean Kasem Self
Hector Elias Mexican Lieutenant
Frank Roman James
Shea Farrell James
Frank Lugo Priest
Johnny Miller Old Man
John Cothran Old Man
Wayne Alexander Man at Opera
Jamie McGurk Cop #1
Christopher Kriesa Cop #2
Frederick Dawson Cop #2
Gilbert B. Combs Flower Truck Delivery Man
Charlene Castle Waitress
Robert Harvey Elder Neighbor
Mickey Harrison Helicopter Pilot
Jenny Turnham Aunt Belinda
Ivor Shier Helicopter Pilot
Michael George Musician
Lana McKissack Daughter
Chris Moore Party Guest
Danny Verduzco Son

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