Dog Watch (1997)

  • United States
  • 100
  • Action
  • 1997
5.4 out of 10


A tough San Francisco cop is suspected of killing his partner. When he begins to look for the actual killer, he discovers he didn't know his partner as well as he thought, as evidence of the dead man's dirty dealings begins to mount.


Name Role
Sam Elliott Charlie Falon
Esai Morales Murrow
Paul Sorvino Delgoti
Dan Lauria Halloway
Richard Gilliland Orlanser
Jessica Steen Janet
Mimi Craven Sally
Richard Zavaglia Wasserman
Robert Cicchini Mink
Perry Moore Jerome Johnson
Benjamin Brown L.A. Cop
Mike Burstyn Levinson
Eric Steinberg Bench
Keith MacKechnie Wally
Susan Barnes Grace
Conni Marie Brazelton Mrs. Johnson
Dennis Dun Lee
John Ganun Dice
Mike Watson Winch
Tony Campisi Priest
Sean Johnston Clerk - Evidence Room
Kristen Miller Naomi
Brenda Ferrell Monica
Keith Forster Cop #1
John Hayden Cop #2
Bill Blair Cop Driver
Sharon Webster Lab Tech
Jerry Carlton Mechanic
Wayne Doba Owner
Conrad L. Ricketts Man In Window
Liz Frances Rolfe Neighbor
Johan-Carl Nowack Homeless Man
Carter Raff Principal

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