The Final Cut (1995)

  • Canada
  • 96
  • Action
  • 1995
5.6 out of 10


A mysterious bomber is planting explosive devices in Seattle, Washington. Since their quality takes too big a toll amongst Seattle Police bomb experts, John Pierce, former head of the Bomb Squad, reluctantly takes the job that will t


Name Role
Sam Elliott John Pierce
Charles Martin Smith Capt. Weldon Mamet
Kelly Benson Dead Body
Anne Ramsay Sgt. Kathleen Hardy
Lloyd Berry Loscalzo
Matt Craven Emerson Lloyd
Ray Baker Col. Forsyth
Frank Cassini Bartender
Barbara Tyson Veronica Waller
Mike Crestejo Driver
Lisa Langlois Sara
Erich Anderson Talberg
Bill Ferguson Shopper
Michael David Simms Franklin Dunn
Philip Granger Barron
George Touliatos Schulmann
John Hannah Gilmore
Rachel Hayward Barmaid Gabby
Amanda Plummer Rothstein
Mark Brandon Anchorman
Suki Kaiser Kate Amis
Campbell Lane Kulkonne
Brad Loree SWAT Cop
Weston MacMillan Police Officer
Akiko Morison Woman in Labor
Pamela Perry Nurse
Jed Rees Morrisey
Greg Rogers Doctor
Trish Schill Ticket Taker
Nelson K. Skalbania Mayor
Jill Teed Daniels
Owen Walstrom Security Guard #2
Jude Zachary Jonathan Callowman
Tim O'Halloran Security Guard #1
Mike Southon TV News Crew in Van

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