Black Fox (1995)

  • United States, Canada
  • 92
  • Romance
  • 1995
6.2 out of 10


A former slave affects peace between Native American tribes and homesteaders in 1860s around western Texas.


Name Role
Christopher Reeve Alan Johnson
Raoul Max Trujillo Running Dog
Tony Todd Britt Johnson (Black Fox)
Janet Bailey Mary Johnson
Nancy Sorel Sarah Johnson
Chris Wiggins Ralph Holtz
Chris Benson
Lawrence Dane Colonel McKensie
Cynthia Preston Delores Holtz / Morning Star
Dale Wilson
Leon Goodstriker Little Buffalo
Morningstar Mercredi Talking Raven
Joel Phage-Wright
Don S. Davis
Byron Chief-Moon Standing Bear
Buffalo Child
Denis Lacroix Lone Wolf
Marty Chiefcalf Warrior
Lorette Clow Maggie Bragg
Pat Johnston Grady Bragg
David LeReaney Cavalry Officer
Charles Sans Rev. Tom Smith

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