Fugitive Nights: Danger in the Desert (1993)

  • United States
  • 95
  • Action
  • 1993
6.1 out of 10


A cop turned private investigator Brita Burrows, a retiring booze-prone Palm Springs cop Cutter, a young hotheaded cop Hareem, and a guilt-ridden disgraced ex-cop Graves, have to follow a client's husband and find a mysterious Mexica


Name Role
Sam Elliott Lyn Cutter
Teri Garr Brita Burrows
Thomas Haden Church Nelson Hareem
Raymond J. Barry Jack Graves
Barbara Babcock Rhonda Devon
Geno Silva The Fugitive
Juan Fern√°ndez Bino Sierra
Warren Frost
Tony Jay
Sharon Barr Phyllis
Danny Goldman Carlton
T.J. Castronovo John Lugo
Larry Coven Mortuary Employee
Seth Dillon Indian Boy
Michael Shawn McCracken Tournament Player
John O'Neil Fugitive Pilot
Jack Betts Doc Morton
Pat Crawford Brown Martha
Kenny Call Cowboy
Brian Carpenter Shop Clerk
Mitch Carter Otis
Brendan Dillon Priest
Zoaunne LeRoy Bonnie the Waitress
Solly Marx Sheriff Pilot
Jimmy Ortega Fugitive Look-Alike
Joseph V. Perry Lieberman
R.J. Arterburn Mechanic
Jinaki Bessie
David Keith Miller Mike
Mark Pfau Waiter
Larry Sellers Vega
D. Elliot Woods Cop at Tournament
Sonny Bono Self

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