Crime & Punishment (1993)

  • United States
  • 60
  • Crime
  • 1993
8.5 out of 10


TV police drama with strong emotional content and heavily stylized direction. This included 'talking heads' segments where an unseen questioner interviews characters about their actions, who then reveal their inner thoughts and motiv


Name Role
Jon Tenney Ken O'Donnell
Rachel Ticotin Det. Annette Rey
Carmen Argenziano Lieutenant Anthony Bartolo
Lisa Darr Jan Sorenson
María Celedonio Tanya
Said Faraj Parking Attendant
Alix Koromzay Suzanne
Sherrie Rose Franny
Brandon Quintin Adams Harold Carr
Steven Anderson Dennis Strickland
Darrin Baker Car Rental Agent 1993
Diane Behrens Wife
Xander Berkeley Michael Vetta
Aimee Brooks Kim
Susan Brown Gayle O'Donnell
David Burke Sean
Nick Cassavetes Phil Cooper
Micah Dyer
Bernadette Elise Orchid Obles
Mary Beth Evans Mrs. Henderson
Ann Farthing
Frances Fisher Jeanette Henderson
Jeri Gaile Becky
Mike Genovese Michael Nathan
Steven Gilborn John O'Donnell
Fitshugh G. Houston
Michael Dean Jacobs Gardecki
Scott Jaeck
Wesley Jonathan DeRon
Leonard Kelly-Young
Allan Kolman Lawyer
Lauren Lane Deanna Atke
David Lansbury Jimmy Blake
James MacNerland
Ben Masters John Henderson
Christine Noonan
Cleandre Norman Squeezy
James O'Sullivan
Miles Perlich
Ruben Pla Attorney Robert Palm
David Ralphe
Ben Reed
Ben Reed
Sy Richardson Willie Carson
Marilyn Rockafellow Mary Hoagland
Vyto Ruginis
Leonard Salazar
Vicellous Shannon Mario Wilson
Jack Shearer Ron Hoagland
James Sloyan Investigator
Charline Su
Alberto Vazquez Officer Flores
Cesare Vingidni
Morgan Weisser
Kelli Williams Suzie Henderson
Kent Williams Joe Lipskey
Chris Young Michael

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