Inside Out (1991)

  • United States
  • 89
  • Comedy
  • 1991
4.8 out of 10


Playboy does to softcore sex films what HBO's Tales from the Crypt did for horror. Contains the stories: "Brush Strokes"; "Shrink Rap"; "Doubletalk"; "The Leda"; "My Secret Moments"; "Life Is For The Taking"; "The Diaries"; "Love The


Name Role
Varda Appleton
Gavin Atkins Charlie - segment "Life Is For The Taking"
Terrence Atkins New Prisoner - segment "Life Is For The Taking"
Parley Baer Elliott - segment "The Diaries"
William Bumiller Jack (segment "Brush Strokes")
Craig Calman Flesteron
Marie Chambers Terry's Female Half (segment "My Better Half")
Chana Jael Chiesa
Joe Dallesandro Richard - segment "The Diaries"
Trevor Goddard The Other Criminal (segment "The Leda")
Beth Hogan Psychiatrist's Patient - segment "Shrink Rap"
Neith Hunter Angela - segment "The Diaries"
Marta Kober The Girl (segment "Doubletalk")
Ken La Ron David - segment "The Diaries"
Joseph Malone Terry (segment "My Better Half")
Chuck Mavich Lover - segment "Shrink Rap"
Scott Mitchell
Mark Pellegrino Jack - segment "Doubletalk"
Lisa Rafel Voice of the Walker (segment "The Diaries")
Sherrie Rose Bethany (segment "The Leda")
Rachel Ryan
Kimberly L. Ryusaki Linda (segment "Life Is For The Taking")
Charles Sans Alan ("Segment Bruh Strokes")
Mimi Savage
Robert R. Shafer Cuddy Dalton
John Solari Eddie - segment "Life Is For The Taking"
Cec Verrell The Psychiatrist (segment "Shrink Rap")
Barbara Alyn Woods Terri (segment "Brush Strokes")
Daniel Arthur Wray Prof. Fisher - segment "Brush Strokes"

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