Wuthering Heights (1992)

  • United Kingdom, United States
  • 105
  • Drama
  • 1992
6.8 out of 10


A man becomes obsessed with vengeance when his soul mate marries another man.


Name Role
Juliette Binoche Cathy / Catherine
Ralph Fiennes Heathcliff
Janet McTeer Ellen Dean
Sophie Ward Isabella Linton
Simon Shepherd Edgar Linton
Jeremy Northam Hindley Earnshaw
Jason Riddington Hareton Earnshaw
Simon Ward Mr Linton
Dick Sullivan Parson
Robert Demeger Joseph
Paul Geoffrey Mr Lockwood
John Woodvine Thomas Earnshaw
Jennifer Daniel Mrs Linton
Janine Wood Frances Earnshaw
Jonathan Firth Linton Heathcliff
Jon Howard Young Heathcliff
Jessica Hennell Young Cathy
Steven Slarke Hindley Earnshaw (16)
Trevor Cooper Dr. Kenneth
Rupert Holliday-Evans Vicar
Sean Bowden Young Hareton
Joel Anderson Plough boy
Sinéad O'Connor Emily Bronte

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