Nightmare Cafe (1992)

  • United States
  • 60
  • Comedy
  • 1992
7.2 out of 10


Frank Nolan and Fay Peronivic find themselves in a mysterious all-night café following a brush with death, but they soon learn that they did, in fact, die, and have been brought back to life by the café. Frank and Fay are given the o


Name Role
Jack Coleman Frank Nolan
Lindsay Frost Fay Peronivic
Robert Englund Blackie
Bobby Slayton Harry Tambor
Jimmy Briscoe Earl
Kevin Thompson Fire
Timothy Carhart Detective Stan Gates
Vondie Curtis-Hall Thomas Wall
John D'Aquino Al
Justin Deas Edward
Arturo Gil Wind
Molly Parker Ivy
Brandon Quintin Adams Luke Wall
Bill Croft Boyle
Don S. Davis Sheriff Dan Filcher
Denis Forest Philip Benning
Peter Outerbridge Jesse
Beth Toussaint Angela
Andrew Airlie Tennis Pro
Angela Bassett Evelyn Wall
Joan Chen Cafe Customer
Penny Fuller Victoria
Laura Mae Tate Charlotte Benning
Jo Bates Jan
Philip Maurice Hayes The Driver
Alfonso Quijada The Kid
Hilary Strang Nurse
Randall Wong Liquor Store Owner
Karen Elizabeth Austin Madge
Holly Chester Tracy
Walter Marsh Mr. Cartwright
Carrie-Anne Moss Amanda
William B. Davis Doctor
Lochlyn Munro Ralston
J. Douglas Stewart Ambulance Attendant
Scott Swanson Editor
Stephen E. Miller Deputy
Suzie Payne Drugstore Mum
Adrien Dorval Elmore
Smitty Smith Hardware Codger
John R. Taylor Station Farmer

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