Rush (1991)

  • United States
  • 120
  • Action
  • 1991
6.8 out of 10


Two small-town Texas cops go undercover to catch a major drug dealer and are sucked into the drug culture, compromising their assignment.


Name Role
Jason Patric Jim Raynor
Jennifer Jason Leigh Kristen Cates
Sam Elliott Dodd
Max Perlich Walker
Gregg Allman Gaines
Tony Frank Nettle
William Sadler Monroe
Special K. McCray Willie Red
Dennis Letts Senior District Attorney
Dennis Burkley Motorcycle Guy
Glenn Wilson Motorcycle Guy
Jimmy Ray Pickens Man in Disco
Barbara Lasater Yellow Rose Bartender
Toni Pilgreen Driller's Waitress
Merrill Connally Defense Attorney
Connie Cooper Judge
Cynthia Dale Scott Yellow Rose Waitress
John Ray Harrison Mayor
Michael Kirkland Grand Jury District Attorney
Willie Ellison Police Instructor
Ron Kern Domino Player
Thomas Rosales Jr. Wino
Suzanne Savoy Dodd's Wife
Ken Stadler Police Lieutenant
Gene Nash Scooter Trash
Freddy Joe Odiorne Scooter Trash
Niles Caldwell Scooter Trash
Brandon Smith Cop
Jerry King Man in Hearse
Blue Deckert Medical Examiner
Dell Gibson Reporter
Charlie Terrell 'Terrell' Club Band
Hawke Dixon 'Terrell' Club Band
James Phillips Club Band - 'Terrell'
Morad 'Terrell' Club Band
Doug Pryzbocki Club Band - 'Terrell'
Marilyn Brett Kristen's Mom
Jimmy Keegan Dancer
Kevin Kinkade Oil Field Worker
Don Kruizinga Reporter
Erich Lane Boy in Park
Kris McGaha Yellow Rose Tequila Shot Girl
Dru Mouser Hitchenpost waitress
Prebble Q. Ramswell Girl at party
Eric Skoy Hustler

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