Drexell's Class (1991)

  • United States
  • Comedy
  • 1991
7.4 out of 10


Otis Drexell is a corporate raider who is known for getting the deal done. After he is caught red-handed for dodging taxes, he's given a suspended sentence on the condition that he teaches at an elementary school until the back-taxes


Name Role
Dabney Coleman Otis Drexell
Dakin Matthews Roscoe Davis
Damian Cagnolatti Kenny Sanders
A.J. Langer Melissa Drexell
Brittany Murphy Brenda Drexell
Edie McClurg Principal Marilyn Ridge
Cleavant Derricks George Foster
Phil Buckman Slash
Jacqueline Donnelly Bernadette
Matthew Slowik Lionel
Jason Biggs Willie Trancas
Heidi Zeigler Nicole Finnigan
Matthew Lawrence Walker
Randy Graff Principal Francine E. Itkin
Brandon Douglas Timothy
Julie McCullough Rosie
Phil Rubenstein Powell
Natasha Pavlovich Nurse Duvall
Michael Oliver Mitchell
Nana Visitor Helen Selwyn
Arlene Golonka Mary Finnegan
Mike Hagerty Roger
Patrick LaBrecque Butch
Don Dolan Vendor
Art LaFleur Mike
Brandon Quintin Adams Oscar
Remy Ryan Remy
Robert Hy Gorman Benjamin
Brighton Hertford Girl #2
Marcus Toji Kid
Beth Broderick Maria
Robert Factor Gunman
Ron Fassler Sam's Dad
Lu Leonard
Christopher Maleki Guy in Bar
Mitch Pileggi Ex-Boyfriend
Tim Rossovich Prisoner
Benj Thall Student
Chad Bell Bonzo
Mary Jo Catlett Patty
Digital Underground Themselves
Bob Eubanks Bob Eubanks
Steve Garvey Steve Garvey
Therese Kablan Minnie
Valentina Marie Lomborg Groupie
Money-B Self
Paul Perri Dr. McGuire
Jason Priestley Teen Priest
Charlotte Ross Janet
Tupac Shakur 2Pac
Shock-G Self

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