Mortal Sins (1989)

  • United States
  • 83
  • Crime
  • 1989
3.3 out of 10


The widely publicized murder of the Reverend Park Sung results in the disruption of Malcolm Rollins' respected and profitable Divine Church of the People, a financial empire which has positioned itself along the corporate Manhattan s


Name Role
James Saito Park Sung
Brian Benben Nathan Weinschank
Ginger Donelson Receptionist
Mary Carol Johnson Gospel Singer #1
Steve Watkins Gospel Singer #2
James Harper Malcolm Rollins
Anna Berger Mother Weinschank
Stephen Stout Tom Gaston
Frank Palmer Paul Martin
Joe Gioco Panhandler
Steven Marcus Cousin Benjamin
Tibor Feldman Elliot Schmeckler
William Cain Grover Carswell
Brick Hartney Billy Beau Backus
Leslie Caveny Darlene Backus
Michelle Kronin Dottie
Nicholas J. Giangiulio Man with Chainsaw
Dan Grimaldi Giraldi
Linda Bernhard Bartender
Robert Huberman Drunk in Bar
Michael Santoro Go-Go Girl's Agent
Vera Lockwood Italian Lady
Peter Riberi Singing Pizza Man
Selma Rosenblatt Neighbor
Marcia Haufrecht Elevator Passenger
Robert Haufrecht Bully
Janet Wilcox Real Estate Lady
Jeremy Wieand Diduch Jr.
Sully Boyar
Debrah Farentino Laura Rollins
Anthony LaPaglia Vito
Peter Onorati Diduch
Charles Sans Cop at Bar
Maggie Wheeler Marie

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