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Precious Bane (1989)

  • United Kingdom
  • 120
  • Drama
  • 1989
8.4 out of 10


In the early 19th century, a young woman with a harelip falls foul of her family's ambition and the superstitions of the local community, but meets a man who may see her differently.


Name Role
John Bowe Kester Woodseaves
Janet McTeer Prue Sarn
Clive Owen Gideon Sarn
Jane Wood Mrs. Sarn
Jim Carter Sarn
John McEnery Wizard Beguildy
Emily Morgan Jancis Beguildy
Lynne Verrall Mrs. Beguildy
Wendy Nottingham Tivvy Sexton
Jack Hudson Sexton
Catherine Terris Mrs. Sexton
Roy Holder Callard
Veronica Doran Mrs. Callard
Colin Prockter Ox-Driver
Susan Porrett Mrs. Ox-Driver
Milton Johns Grimble
Katy Weaver Mrs. Grimble
John Forgeham Huglet
Susan Curnow Felena
David Belcher Parson
Dave Roberts Camperdine
Kenny Lester Camperdine's Friend
Anthony Styles Camperdine's Friend
Andrew Heart Man at Baiting
Trevor Peake Man at Baiting
Marc Stanton Man at Baiting
Robin Turner Man at Baiting
Margaret Jackman Old Woman
Michael Crook Troublemaker
Haf Morgan Barren Woman
Katy Rathmell Prue (aged 6)
Sally Davies Jancis (aged 5)
Sally Chadd Jancis (aged 11)
Darren Corneille Gideon (aged 5)
Lee Bebb Gideon (aged 11)
Edward Burton Tim Ox-Driver
Ronan Harvey Tim Ox-Driver (aged 4)
Jamie Mollart Second Ox-Driver Boy
Gayle Schofield Tivvy (aged 9)
Caroline Ellis Sukey (aged 15)
Jessica Davies Moll (aged 15)
Michelle Williams Sukey (aged 10)
Elizabeth Hunt Moll (aged 10)
Gareth Banks Callard Child
Rosie Clark Callard Child
Ann Marie Davies Callard Child
Lyndsay Holland Callard Child
Jennifer Jones Callard Child
David Trenberth Callard Child

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