Lady Avenger (1988)

  • United States
  • 82
  • Action
  • 1988
4.3 out of 10


When the door of freedom cracks open for inmate Maggie Blair at her brother's funeral, she doesn't let anything stand in her way. This begins her furious determination to unearth the gang that murdered her brother.


Name Role
Peggy McIntaggart Maggie
Tony Josephs Jack
Jacolyn Leeman Mary
Michelle Bauer Annalee
Daniel Hirsch Ray
Adam Englund Max
Rodger Burt J.C.
Mike Jacobs Jr. Tribe
Steve Artiaga Paco
Billy Frank Arnie
Jeff Brown Jeff
Beatriz Geraldo Maria
Hannah Eckstein Matron
Kate Benedict Porter Superintendent
Cyndy Fuller Black Girl
Sylvia Sommers Lookout
Jeffrey Culver Minister
William Butler Kevin
Koy Atwood Hearse Driver
Ellen Gabriel Nurse
Julia Vera Mrs. Galvin
Gary Laine Bait Shop Owner
Raymond Soto Warehouseman
Lynne Lerner Policewoman
Lynne Milgram Policewoman
Lenny Rose Detective #1
John Collins Detective #2
Judith Burke Kevin's Mother
Cliff Corder Kevin's Father
Kathi O'Brecht Waitress
Tom Hamil Banker
Marc Cinquanta Wino
Chris Foster Bart

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