The Quick and the Dead (1987)

  • United States
  • 91
  • Western
  • 1987
7 out of 10


A mysterious stranger rides into a homesteading family's life when they are attacked by a ruthless gang.


Name Role
Sam Elliott Con Vallian
Tom Conti Duncan McKaskel
Kate Capshaw Susanna McKaskel
Kenny Morrison Tom McKaskel
Matt Clark Doc Shabitt
Patrick Kilpatrick The Ute
Jerry Potter Red Hayle
Billy Streater Ike Mantle
Del Shores Purdy Mantle
R.L. Tolbert Johnny Dobbs
Jeffrey Meyer Butcher McCloud
Kurt D. Lott Lenny Shabitt
Hardy Rawls Joy the Blacksmith
Larry Sellers Running Wolf
Bill Stedman Bartender

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