The Sacketts (1979)

  • United States
  • 240
  • Western
  • 1979
7.7 out of 10


After the Civil War, Tennessee brothers Orrin and Tyrel Sackett are herding cattle out West while Tell Sackett is prospecting for gold in the hills.


Name Role
Sam Elliott Tell Sackett
Tom Selleck Orrin Sackett
Jeff Osterhage Tyrel Sackett
Glenn Ford Tom Sunday
Ben Johnson Cap Rountree
Gilbert Roland Don Luis
John Vernon Jonathan Pritts
Ruth Roman Rosie
Jack Elam Ira Bigelow
Gene Evans Benson Bigelow
L.Q. Jones Belden
Paul Koslo Kid Newton
Mercedes McCambridge Ma Sackett
Slim Pickens Jack Bigelow
Louis L'Amour Self
Buck Taylor Reed Carney
Pat Buttram Tuthill
Shug Fisher Purgatorie Barkeep
Ana Alicia Drusilla
Lee de Broux Simpson
James Gammon Wes Bigelow
Marcy Hanson Laura Pritts
Frank Ramírez Juan Torres
Wendy Rastattar Ange Kerry
Henry Capps Boyd
Ramon Chavez Pete Romero
Don Collier L.P. Seeker
Pam Earnhardt Mary
Bruce M. Fischer Trapper
Richard Jamison Miner #1
Pat Mahoney Purgatorie Customer
James O'Connell Long Higgins
Ken Plonkey Miner #2
Mark Wallace Teller
Malcolm Watt Preacher
Mai Gray The Harlot
Bill Hart Rodale
Brian Libby Durango
Kimo Owens Fetterson
Monique St. Pierre Delilah
Tom Waters Hobes
Bruce Andre Cowboy Guitarist

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