The Way West (1967)

  • United States
  • 122
  • Adventure
  • 1967
6.2 out of 10


In 1843, a former U.S. Senator leads a wagon train of settlers to Oregon, but his megalomania leads to growing dissatisfaction with his leadership.


Name Role
Kirk Douglas Senator William J. Tadlock
Robert Mitchum Dick Summers
Richard Widmark Lije Evans
Lola Albright Rebecca 'Becky' Evans
Jack Elam Preacher Weatherby
Stubby Kaye Sam Fairman
Michael McGreevey Brownie Evans
Harry Carey Jr. Mr. McBee
Connie Sawyer Mrs. McBee
Michael Witney Johnnie Mack
William Lundigan Michael Moynihan
Elisabeth Fraser Mrs. Fairman
John Mitchum Little Henry
Patric Knowles Captain Grant
Hal Lynch Big Henry
Timothy Scott Middle Henry
Roy Glenn Saunders
Paul Lukather Mr. Turley
Stefan Arngrim William J. Tadlock Jr.
Roy Barcroft Mr. Masters
Eve McVeagh Mrs. Masters
Peggy Stewart Mrs. Turley
Anne Barton Mrs. Moynihan
Nick Cravat Calvelli
Michael Keep Indian Brave
Mike Lane Sioux Chief
Sally Field Mercy McBee
Katherine Justice Amanda Mack
Jack Coffer Cattleman
Everett Creach Cattleman
Sam Elliott Missouri Townsman
Clarke Gordon Caleb Greenwood
Hollis Hill Bagpiper at Fort Hall
Eddie Little Sky Sioux Warrior
Gary Morris Paw-Kee Mah
Mitchell Schollars Indian Boy
Hector Smith Bagpiper at Fort Hall
Rex Trailer Cowboy Asking About Bethel Bartholomew
Paul Wexler Barber

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